Shitpost Club!!!

  • Hey, hope your having a good day. The members of the NameMC Shitpost community are proud to present... The Shitpost Club. We are dedicating to shitposting and defending shitposts cough Unless the staff say no cough. Current known members:

    If you want to join, just reply with your best shitpost ever.


    Note, please don't spam shitposts. <3

  • lol


    am I in?

    I couldn't think of anything

  • @meeppikmin_ Yeh your in, welcome to the club <3

  • BlockMania Administrator

    I don't know how you take pride in this...

  • @Mooshroom It's partially sarcasm

  • @AwesomeAhmad1 said in Shitpost Club!!!:




  • Nah I'm so good at posts that they lock it

  • Inb4 the mighty @Choons comes forth with the Holy Thread Lock

  • i'm a raisin

  • Banned

    This looks cool xd.
    I'm in it! Hooray.

  • @lolmemer4lyfe69 me too me too

  • @lolmemer4lyfe69 Welcome to the club. You can now put "Official Shitposter" in your signature.

  • Shitpost (my definition)
    Commonly known as posts/threads with little to no purpose or meaning. Oftentimes used to draw attention or create a chain that at some point will lead to the creator of said shitpost to get into the "Popular Posts of the Day". Most of the time the purpose of a shitpost is to gain up-votes, likes, or whatever positive ratings are available. They tend to drown out other posts or simply just regurgitate a thread/post that another user had created as a poor attempt at gaining reputation (most of the time). However not all shitposts just ask questions, question or curiosity posts (like 1 or 2 I've made before) just ask questions with the purpose of knowing more about the community or learning about things, including threads such as 'What's your favorite song?' 'Best anticheat?' etc. However some go way beyond this to ask completely useless questions like "If you divided the distance of the sun to the moon then back to earth in centimeters, and multiplied that by how fast the average male Canadian human can run for a minute and thirty six seconds, and took the amount of time it takes a senator to make a cup of coffee at exactly 6:37 in the morning plus the average lifespan of a turtle if it is never fed chocolate, and divided that by 2/5 of how much Bill Gates makes within 3 years 9 weeks 10 hours and 57 minutes, deep inhale then added that by the time it takes for a 47 year old Swedish tennis player to read the entire movie script in one attempt, subtracted by how many views "8" receives in an hour on namemc.. Then how long will it take Choons or Unknown to lock this post?" or something along those lines, sometimes executed by creating several posts/threads within a short amount of time. Also, one of the best "shitposters" back in my day was Uncontrol.

    egirl: If according to all known laws of aviation a bee cannot fly, then why does it fly?
    prosperous eBoy that enjoys long walks on the beach: idk but I'm going to upvote you because you're a female :DDDDD
    definitely didn't make this reply because I'm suppose to be finishing math homework right now or anything

  • Owner

    Everyone just shut up.

  • @Xoko Welcome to the Club.

  • why thought

  • Banned


    Main reason I don't talk on these forums. It's always about competition with these skids.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Bleach Competition? What? We don't compete on posts...

  • May i join this beautiful club?
    This beautiful shit post i've created:
    Dank memes or shit, everyones shit, you're shit hes shit, shes shit, this guys shit, and even that bin is shit!

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