• I seen a lot of people who fuck with street wear brands like Supreme, and brands revolved around it. I decided to make a server for those people called Streatwear.

    It's an anarchy server, and you should connect to it. The IP is
    It's currently hosted on D/O (DigitalOcean) and I suggest you guys check them out. You can use DROPLET10 for 10$ in credits.

  • 1.11 cringes

  • 1.11 is obviously the latest version and is the most up-to-date version of Minecraft. It's anarchy, so keeping it at it's latest is recommended. From shulker boxes to totems of undying, what could go wrong?

  • @Ouijo no no no
    everything could go wrong

  • @butwhyme not at all, my friend.

  • 1.11 triggered.

  • Upgrading to a faster server. Will be off for 3 minutes from now.

  • Back online, about 2x faster, no lag, and no more random crashes.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    @Ouijo respect for using 1.11! :)

    People need to stop living in the past. :')

  • @Mooshroom seeing this honestly triggered the shit out of me

    what do you mean living in the past? the fact the people think 1.7/8 is better than the later versions? It isn't living in the past when you have a completely valid opinion about something. Have you tried proper pvp on 1.9+, its unbearable, what happened to strategies like jitter-clicking or block-hitting? Again, it is not living in the past, it is what pvpers (player versus player btw, NOT player vs entity) believe is best

    p.s fuck grammar too

  • BlockMania Administrator

    @zachor calm down, not everything needs to be the same shit it has for years. I respect him for trying out new things.

    p.s ever since 1.7 introduced the new sprint feature it's 'mostly' been about who has the better connection

  • @zachor You can't stay in the old versions forever, even if you think they're better.
    Eventually, servers will change their supported versions and you won't be able to go on them anymore with the version you've been playing in.
    It's called getting used to and accepting change, and you need to get used to getting used to things. It's a needed life skill.

  • @Mooshroom said in Streatwear:


    p.s ever since 1.7 introduced the new sprint feature it's 'mostly' been about who has the better connection


    @meeppikmin_ I can, though. You really think those big servers with those large pvp communities are going to update to later version, really? Yes, they may support it, but updating? Do you know what it would do to a server? I will give you MCSG for example, remember what happened when they updated to 1.8, yeah it went to shit. Also please don't bring up needed life skills to make yourself look more mature, I see right through that.

  • @zachor I didn't bring it up to make myself look more mature, I'm actually not sure what you're talking about when you say that, but while we're on the topic, it's not working for you either.

  • @zachor You can't change the fact that Mojang will at one point stop supporting those older versions themselves, one day.

  • @meeppikmin_ I am not trying to make myself look mature, just trying to prove a point. And no counterarguments whatsoever? come on man :/

    @Ouijo Mojang will continue to support those versions as well as other servers. Notice how we are able to play version like 1.2, 1.5, 1.4, etc.

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