Pay-To-Win Opinions

  • Lets forget for a second that EULA was ever enforced, who here enjoyed servers where pay-to-win was everywhere or servers where it existed but not in a large scale.

  • I think that pay to win was good.

  • Personally, I didn't like the servers that used it a lot but as Choons mentioned, @Choons said in If you could make changes to Minecraft what would you do?:

    @AwesomeAhmad1 Right, so you can just choose not to play those.

    Now those servers don't exist at all. Has that made your gaming experience better? No, it's exactly the same because you chose not to play those anyway. The EULA didn't improve your experience by taking them down.

    It didn't really effect me that much, so I have mixed feelings about it. I believe that it was fine for servers that had a working economy to do it, but not soo much for servers who were abusing it (The ones that I was actually playing on at the time).

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    Pay2Win = shit

  • @Mooshroom Yeh, just wait till Choons writes an essay to convince you.

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    @AwesomeAhmad1 said in Pay-To-Win Opinions:

    @Mooshroom Yeh, just wait till Choons writes an essay to convince you.

    When have I ever said pay to win servers were good? The way you misunderstood what I said is exactly the way Mojang misunderstood everything that all the big server owners said.

    I never said any server should be pay to win, and none of the large networks WERE pay to win when they started enforcing the EULA. There was like maybe 2-3 networks that I would consider P2W out of the ~50-60 that Mojang first contacted to enforce the EULA.

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    I said P2W servers shouldn't cause Mojang to come down on EVERY server selling things. Most networks that try to sell imbalanced shit don't get very far. McPVP, for example, tried ridiculously hard to keep everything balanced and fair. We had two full-time employees who did nothing but balance out HG kits so people wouldn't complain or else we'd take a huge hit in profits.

    Mojang (Notch) has literally said he doesn't like the "free-to-play" marketing model because he feels like it tricks little kids into buying things. It was never about pay-to-win until later when they had to defend the EULA when everyone complained.

    Do you think League of Legends and other big F2P games like that would be nearly as big as they are (and it is literally the most played game in the world right now) if they just intentionally made every new champion better than all the rest?

  • @Choons No, you just changed my mind on how I view EULA.

  • I think Pay-to-Win is okay if servers keep the ranks/items fair and balanced. Non-donators should be able to receive the same things somehow in-game without donating to get it. Servers that sell overpowered items like Sharpness X swords on KitPvP servers take it too far. Whereas some Factions servers keep it balanced by allowing players to earn those types of items through voting, drop packages, etc.

  • trashhh.

  • I hated pay to win servers because most of them made game play strongly favoring the donor. One server I used to play had a $250 (us) donor rank which got you op stuff while a $40 rank gave you a crappy kit and /repair. Other servers gave donora the ability to kick non donors out of skywars and sg games so they could get a spot. I didn't like pay to win at all, glad Mojang did the EULA thing.

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