Have you ever gone on a vacation, if so, where and why?

  • So I'm down at South Carolina for the weekend and Friday, down at a resort, and I got curious. If you've ever gone on vacation somewhere for a bit, why? To get away from stress? To explore and discover new things? etc.

    I'm at South Carolina because mom forced me :p she's brought every special person in her life down here, she wants to check out a house and she's contemplating living down here, I'm still mixed about the idea but, idk.

    Lived down where we live at for years, could be better but, known a lot of friends down here for a long time, always great making new ones but I don't think I'm ready for that yet. Probably when if I get out of school I'll be okay with it, although I would like to live down in Japan because I'm a filthy weeb someday because of the technology and in general it looks amazing, always interested in the culture and whatnot but, that's not happening for years.

  • I've been to many places actually, I was in the Dominican Republic for a week or so last November because my mom literally plans vacations when she's bored, last March I was in Arizona because my Mom and Dad wanted to see the Grand Canyon once more. A few years ago I was on a cruise for a week, and in a few months, I'm taking a trip to the Netherlands which I hope to be quite fun. Overall I really do enjoy traveling and visiting new places : )

  • I'd never actually traveled outside of England before a couple of years ago so it's not something I do often, but this summer I went to Morocco for two weeks along with some friends from college. We did quite a bit of trekking, went to Marrakech, had lots of fun.

    :airplane_arriving: :flag_ma:

  • @Xoko why do you want to know?

  • most recently:
    watched the parade, and went to the typical tourist attractions (statue of liberty, world trade center, 9/11 memorial. etc.)

  • One time I went to my grandmas house. She made me cookies.

  • 18 countries. Pce nerdz

    Jk jk <3

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