• Hiya! This is my suggestion:
    For every 10 posts or so, maybe 20, although 20 might seem a little overboard, you get 3 credits, or gems, whatever you decide the call the currency. Using these credits, you can gamble the currency with other players, or save them to buy some cosmetic thing on the forums that could be created, like awards or something. Also, for an example for one of the awards, it could be Money Hogger. It'd be under your avatar/name/profile, and it would be a small icon that depicts a bundle of cash. It would cost 5,000 credits. There would be other awards as well, not just ones that you could buy with money, but holiday special awards that are only available during that time period to purchase. I just think that if we implement this idea it'd be more fun to use the forums, and there's a goal to posting more, which would in turn promote the forums.

    Edit: And to fix the problem with flooding/spamming threads that are just made to post-boost, or very low quality posts that are made, we could implement a 10-30 character minimum amount needed to make a post, and the same thing to a thread. We could also make it to when you have enough credits to buy an award, you would have to have a required amount of likes/posts/staff approval or something to make sure that they have not just spammed to get the awards. The only real issue with this seems to be the post-boosting, so I'd take it we could fix that, since it being the only problem.

  • Sounds like a pretty cool idea!

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Sounds like a decent idea. There are some perks and other features coming soon though! c:

  • @Xeronsis said in Currency/Awards:

    Sounds like a decent idea. There are some perks and other features coming soon though! c:

    Looking forward to it!

  • this is not hackforums okay no more usergroup suggestions or award suggestions pls they're not needed in this kind of community that lacks a marketplace.

  • @Rex
    ? Integrate a marketplace in then, it's not needed anyhow. And it doesn't have to be like hack forums to have usergroups/award system. Any forums is right for it, just needs a somewhat large user base.

  • Well that's a solid +1 for me.

  • Owner

    I already plan to add rewards but it's not simple to just code a whole system like that and half of these forums aren't even functional yet.

    There's already people with 500+ posts and rep from just shitposting in off-topic.

  • @Choons Completely understandable, as it's a new forums. There's a MyBB plugin called "My Awards" I believe that other big forums use. Might help. Good luck doing whatever you plan on doing cd

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