User-owned groups. (Usergroups)

  • Don't know if this would be one of those kind of forums, but oh well.

    It'd be cool if they added usergroups once the forums is more popular.

    There would be (Insert number of Usergroups) allowed to be bought from the forums to manage. These usergroups come with their own sub-forum (meaning having their own private forum branch that they would see) as well as a userbar (a cool artsy thingy below their name/posts/avatar, idk up to you). These sub-forums have one moderator (can kick people out of the group, invite people, create a recruitment thread, etc.), usually the sole owner of the group. Groups such as these each have their own purpose determined by the leaders. These groups would no longer be for purchase from the forums, though owners may sell their own group to another person. There is a $(insert number) ownership transfer fee. Groups can be deleted at the discretion of the administration, and the spot that their group occupied on the forum may be sold to the highest bidder. Group leaders post a recruitment thread in which they require users to submit some form of work. The whole idea of this is to meet new people and have the chance to talk to others that share the same interests as you. (Copied from a different forums)

    tl;dr It's basically just a little thing where people can join usergroups that would have some kind of purpose, for example maybe just a lounge usergroup where you talk inside the subforums with other people, getting to meet different guys/gals, or maybe a arts related usergroup where you critique others work or something.

    *btw the money thing doesnt have to be a thing just a way other forums do it so yeh.
    *pls dont butcher me into slices, is just suggestion, no need to be mean:)

  • Feel free to add any suggestions or give back some useful criticism:)

  • Solid dude. I really like this. Groups could be bought with the currency you also suggested.

  • @6x0 Didn't think of that. That would be a cool thing, yeah.

  • Owner

    This has already been mentioned, and replied to, several times.

    Look up "groups" in this category to see my answer to the other posts.

    It's something we may add in the future but for now groups will be staff-made and some will be public while some won't.

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