a day in the life of nora

  • wake up at 3am
    don't fall back asleep
    have breakfast (note, I have a really rare condition where I have to every 2hrs or I pass out and mornings are the hardest since all I can eat is dry toast & yogurt)

    do some school (I'm homeschooled btw)

    go to ice skating (annoying yet fun)
    skate for like an hour before class starts
    get exhausted
    class starts
    do backwards & forwards crossovers for 30 minutes
    come off the ice
    go home
    lil brother naps
    cri because none of your friends are home
    contemplate life
    contemplate how to break it to your best friend that you don't 'like' like him back

    stalk your friends
    stay up way too late
    get up again
    realize it's the weekend

    thoughts on a normal Friday for me?

  • go into hibernation mode until you're thrown back into school again

  • @Kaytherine thats pretty much what I do

    just blank out until it's all over

  • BlockMania Administrator

    This is for help and support, not for shitposts.


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