books & movies~

  • sooo let's start a new thingie here

    what's everyone's favorite book/movie series

    or just book/movie idc

    mine is personally harry potter (books)

    and the corpse bride/the nightmare before christmas

  • I use to be obsessed with the Percy Jackson series, once I finished that I read all the Hunger Games series then all of Divergent.

    I'm not into reading anymore.

  • @Clqire awh

    lemme go look in my vast collection of books and see if I can recommend anything

  • @Clqire this is gonna sound childish but heckie I love this series

    go check out the hero's guide series

    book 1 is the "The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom"

    10/10 ign

  • @yikesnora Ah okay, i'll check it out sometime

  • BlockMania Administrator

    This post is deleted!

  • Pacific rim.

  • I personally liked the mortal instruments series, but after reading the 5th book out of 7, I got pretty bored of it : (

  • I haven't had a reading binge since middle school.

    Series I remember reading

    • Hunger games
    • Matched
    • Divergent
    • Series of unforunate events
    • (can't remember the rest of the names kms)

    The last book I read was called "Night," and was about a holocaust survivor.

    btw I'm excluding textbooks

  • @Unsent hell yeah, mortal instruments.

    hey Arnold!

  • @Mooshroom i mean I tried to watch naruto but I couldn't get into it

    my friend's Christmas list looks like this;

    • a puppy staff that controls all puppies

    • for nora to like naruto

    • a pet tiger

  • i hate every book except for 1st grader ones and never watch movies
    fight me

  • @butwhyme 👌🏻

  • BlockMania Administrator

    alt text


    my fav book series would have to be i am esther though ;3

  • Favorite book definitely has to be Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur.
    Honestly, my favorite movie would probably have to be Glory or National Treasure. Oops.

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