Ignorant Teachers?

  • I have had a load of ignorant teachers wether it be talking to friends doing the right thing and sharpening my damn pencil! What type of ignorant teachers do you guys have?

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    @iLoveClqire my teacher in 2nd grade slammed my desk trey into my fingers because I kept misbehaving. The bullshit part was my grandma reported the incident and the school just ignored it.

  • @Mooshroom that really sucks man :(

  • This teacher called my parents for just laughing at a joke in 6th grade, and recently there was this sub that sent me out of class for legit no reason so I was walking around campus just doing nothing lmao.

  • honestly I bet you're just being dramatic and over-exaggerating, teachers do make mistakes but a lot of times they're right and it's the students that take it too far

    but I had a substitute in eight grade once who yelled at me for making fun of american-indians, I was just making weird noises with my friend and we were both totally confused

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  • @Breezyswirl Don't you just hate it when teachers deny you of basic stuff like crossing the street... "If a car hits you, they'll complain to us" They don't even care about the student, they care about complaints :3

  • Well i havent really experienced ignorance from any teachers, and its so weird to me to ever call a teacher ignorant since they're the one teaching you information and knowledge.

    But anyway, i had this one supply teacher for science class in grade 9 (I'm in grade 11 now) and this supply teacher forced everyone to write a test we had that day in pen, we werent allowed to use pencil's due to it "Not being professional" according to the supply teacher. Of course half the class ddint have pens, people come to school with pencil's, and if you didint have a pen you weren't allowed to write the test and he even went as far as to call the office for people not listening to him. When our normal teacher, Mr.Wong got back the next day he was wondering why half the class handed in empty test papers and the class explained to him about the terrible supply teacher situation, so Mr.Wong reported it to the TDSB (Toronto district school board) and gave us a retest :D

    And of course it was easy and i ace'd it, i knew all the questions lol

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