uhm, hello publicly?

  • hello everybody, my name is rwer!
    my name is so og kill me

    anyways back to my introduction thread !!

    hello i'm a tryhard !! i like to pvp and trigger people bc i'm a toxic rat xoxoxo
    i'm a aesthetic trash wannabe so uhm woo??!
    i'm a aquarius
    i like pizza because everyone does lololool
    i like bubble tea bc I can !!

    i love aniME my fav anime atm is yuri on ice bc it's hot you should totally check it out
    my favourite singers are troye sivan , halsey , melanie martinez , taylor swift etc
    my favourite bands are 5sos,top
    my favourite color is baby blue !

    if you want to find me somewhere just hope on to beanblockz,hypixel
    my ign is rwer so hopefully I can catch you on or check out my twitter @sivanmiracle

    okay bYE

    im so confusing oop

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