Back from the dead...

  • Eh, back from the dead, although it would be awesome to die and press "X" to respawn, i didint die this time. My body is dead however from moving houses the last few days, its my first experience ever moving to a new house and it sucks. My body is exhausted from moving heavy objects with my dad up stairs for the last day and a half, and I'm so tired from lack of sleep and sleeping on the floor since my new beds haven't arrived yet. Its so hard to sleep when your stressed out from everything.

    Moved to my new house on Friday, and currently using shitty wifi for internet since i dont get my internet for a few more days. I miss my wired internet so much, i dont know how people live using wifi, but my experience so far, its been terrible. Pages take 15 seconds to load, videos play for 20 seconds then buffer, and its just so annoying.

    And today is gonna be another long day of work with little to no rest, sigh, fml.....

    Missed you nerds, wish me lucckkk :D

  • Don't worry, everything is going to be fine <3 and Good luck :3

  • @CanadianEGirl
    Hope you get settled in soon and stuff.
    FYI: Sleeping on the floor is better

  • Thank me later

  • I'm a nerd? triggered


  • @CanadianEGirl That sounds like a buttload of work! D; I know the stress of moving houses, it is definitely not fun whatsoever. I hope the stress eases out in time! I'm here if you, or anybody for that matter needs to talk about anything. :)

  • RIP, good luck.

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