Increase server population? Quickly?

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    Small servers be doomed, it's practically impossible to be recognized and gain popularity quickly with all those lists promoting old, over-rated and over-populated servers. Then, when you finally get some views, you are swarmed by an avalanche of "trolls" How do you guys manage to get population?

    I'd love to know c:

  • We use alts to up-vote our servers on name mc and then post about it on namemc. True story. Tbh idk how people do it.

  • Advertise..? Not on here but like on server lists and stuff. idk

  • Small servers struggle with getting people to join in general, for the most part.

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    @6x0 That's a weird technique xD

  • @HardlyHacking Tbh that's what I would do.

  • @HardlyHacking Make a good server, then sign up in voting websites. Can get you hundreds of players.

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