Solve this Riddle.

  • [thanks @EveryoneLovesMe for this idea. it reminded about a riddle I heard once.]

    A wealthy man was murdered on Sunday around 12:00 PM in the living room and Your called in to work to investigate this crime.

    You question the family and this is what they responded with:
    Wife: "I was preparing for lunch when this happened"
    Son: "I was in my room, playing with my toys."
    Maid: "I was collecting the mail outside"
    Daughter: "I was helping my Mom prepare food"
    Butler: "I was in the garage, cleaning the cars, and tidying the tools."

    Who did it?

  • no mail on sunday the maid did it gg

  • @Rex you beat me to it ;'(

  • @yeriin i saw the riddle and instantly got it and was like yay lets answer but i was logged in on the wrong namemc account and i forgot my password for rex so i had to password reset then login then find the thread honestly it was quite horrible

  • @Rex I get mail on sunday.. :/

  • @meeppikmin_ It's traditional in many countries / cities that there's no mail on Sunday. I live in the UK (England, to be precise) and there's no mail in Sunday over here.

  • @Rex you so smart! ;3 and I love 'Love Live! School Idol Project'!!!!!!!!!! <3333

  • @meeppikmin_ get rekt 6x0

    *I won a bet

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