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  • So I recently released my server in Open Beta, so I want to find and fix all the bugs. Currently it's just creative, so I don't think there are many. Most bugs will probably be within the commands. If you could help me find bugs or even suggest any features that I could add, that would really help me out.

    IP: MC.TheQuadPvP.TK:25586

  • Will check it out

  • GR8 M8
    I'll come on I'm bored lol

  • K I'm great at finding bugs. I used to get paid for it. My guess is there shouldn't be much on creative but keep in touch with me I can help you until your server is in full release.

  • BTW it's 1.8+

  • I'm on it I think I would know.

  • ill go o3o

  • I'm on.
    Why doesn't w/e work?

  • Btw I built my shrine. @AwesomeAhmad1



  • whaaat a shrine made by you @Kaytherine what a shocker x)

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