What do/did you dream of getting?

  • What was/is you dream item? Personally I want 6 screen setup with free servers to use :P

  • I want a Surface Pro..

    That way I can surf around this and then quickly switch over and do some drawings my paper drawing supplies have much too limited colors

  • Or maybe a mansion with everything I would ever want/use in it. With my own personal chef that cooks the best food ever.

  • a decent gaming set up

  • @Mannors Yup same.

  • Infinite money, I mean it grows on trees anyway.

  • @Paradiscal True :3

  • wireless earbuds even though i'm getting them.

  • @Clqire Yeh i'm prob gonna buy the apple ones (Even though they are expensive af). For some time I raged my as* off because I kept on falling on my own headphone wire :/

  • @AwesomeAhmad1 I'm getting the beats ones

  • i want another pupper, or another two puppers, or 20.

  • This post is deleted!

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