10,000 User Update! | 12/3/2016

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    I am proud to say that as of about an hour ago we just hit 10,000 registered users on these forums.

    That means 10,000 users that have a confirmed email and IGN from NameMC, have visited the forums at least once since last wednesday

    Congrats to @MaxuM89 for being the 10,000th!

    Thank you guys so much for joining the forums, participating, and helping us create this awesome new community. I look forward to seeing it grow much much more and I can't wait to see how it evolves and improves in the near future.

    Stay tuned for some awesome new features on NameMC, the forums, and our server: BlockMania.com!
    I will be posting new blog posts with patch notes very soon.

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    Some more fun stats:

    Page views since we released: 443,873

    Total unique visitors (registered and unregistered): 33,399

    Total registered users: 10,104

    Total posts: 16,617

    Posts in the last week: 6,802

    Total topics: 1,579

    Most active time on the forums: ~6-7pm EST

    Permanently banned users: 10

    Best staff member: Me

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