what's the weirdest dream you have ever had?

  • I remember I had a dream where I was in this barn, and this superhero who looked like waldo came over an idk whai but his eyes popped out and they were like attached to springs, then I went to this smaller barn where there was this chicken an da chicken's like TOUCH MY BACK ( dont ask me why XD ) an im like MKAY so I touched its back an da chickens like NUUU DUNT TOUCH MY BACK CHU BISH an I was really confused, then it changed and I was Naruto like running away from something XD my dreams are really weird sometimes :joy:

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    @JazzyBettaDenChu I think you've watched "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" one too many times.

  • @Hapoo lol wuts dat XD

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    @JazzyBettaDenChu a popular disney film

  • Watching the presidential vote (trump won ik) and when i woke up infront of the tv, it was a nightmare D:

  • I got married to the guy who was my "future husband" and we were in this big white box. We got married then jumped down a hole. Then a couple minutes later I realized I didn't have a ring so I got pissed at him so I slapped him and made him put a ring pop on my finger to make up for it. After that the dream just ended. o_o

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    In my dream, I was at College and we were put into group work. In the group it was a guy and a girl. The guy looked like someone I knew IRL, Jayden.
    Jayden used to be in my computer class in University during the first semester of 2016. The girl I never met before.
    The guy in the dream was a little bit of an asshole, him and I didn’t see eye to eye. I was a full out pot head, didn't do any work ect. Only when I felt like it. Last came the girl, average student who was fun to be around.
    In the dream, the guy had a crush on her. The dream felt like it went on for about 3 weeks to a month. Towards the end of the dream, I started liking the girl even though the guy had made it perfectly clear he liked her, so I felt wrong about it.
    One day in class as the guy was having a go at me for not doing any work said “god, no one in this group even likes you” then the girl said “I like him” which then started an argument between the two. That is all I remember from that part.
    Before the dream ended she was sitting next to me and was getting really close, she confessed that she liked me and not him. As we were almost cuddling the guy saw us and in a fit of rage, killed her. Because it was a dream she just died, he didn’t have any weapons, but he had killed her. I woke up after seeing her dead.

    I woke up feeling I had actually lost someone I cared about. I need to stop smoking...

  • (Summarizing it)

    Ages ago when I was about 9 or something, I had a dream where there was a random pirate ship on top of a massive oak tree that we have at my house.

    The pirates came down and they had these weird lazer guns and I then I realized it was a dream and thought to myself "Hey, if I let them shoot me, then the dream would end".

    So I let them shoot me and it didn't end and I was in pain for a bit.

    R.I.P (((:::

  • @Mooshroom
    Sorry to hear, I hope you are doing better.
    I believe dreams may reflect on our fears.

    For some odd reason, I tend to forget my dreams easily.
    I have woken up a few times before drenched in cold sweat or crying in tears. It nags in me the back of my mind about: what in the world was I getting my head into? Anyway, I cannot seem to remember a full dream from beginning to end. Sometimes I can only grasp a few clips of it, but that's it. Some clips I remember were: my mom dying, running from _____, being in an abusive relationship (um?), and falling. Other times, I would be deeply asleep and suddenly I would feel a strong urge of falling endlessly. This makes my body jerk up and my heart pump with adrenaline. Ugh. Yeah. I wish I could know why I've had these dreams or why I sometimes wake up abruptly. Whywhywhywhy? .-.
    Maybe it is about something I fear.

  • @Mooshroom Ehh its not that "weird" but oki xD

  • @Kaytherine it's called a Hypnic jerk. Hypnic jerk is a normal reaction that can be caused by anxiety, caffeine, a dream, or discomfort of sleeping. A hypnic jerk is the feeling triggered by a sudden muscle twitch, causing the feeling of falling while sleeping or dreaming. I'ts normal for you to experience that.

  • @Kaytherine Yehh dats kinda true, dreams are basically stories and images our mind creates while we sleep. Dreams can be vivid, or they can like can make you feel happy, sad, or scared. And sometimes they feel super confusing, and sometimes you can't remember them. Some researchers an people like dat say dreams have no purpose or meaning and are nonsensical activities of the sleeping brain. Other people say dreams are like necessary for mental, emotional, and physical health. If you go to bed with a troubling thought, you may wake with a solution, or at least feel better about the situation. Cause the brain sorts out problems in your head while you're sleeping, sometimes you can even like remember where you put something you lost a while ago.... ye imma stop talking now. xD I know a lot about sleep and dreaming bc I researched a lot about it like a year ago

  • @JazzyBettaDenChu
    Thanks for the info :thumbsup: Btw, interesting research topic.

  • •Birdy_The_Otaku - I thought I was cool w/ matching usernames with my friends
    •KlazzThePigeon - revolting.
    • xPigeon - gross.
    •BirdyMC - disgusting.

  • my weirdest dream?
    a few days ago, i thought i actually had a life outside of the pc

  • i was next to a river, and i had these bratz shoes on (:?) and i somehow kicked my shoe off my foot and it went into the river and i started screaming really loudly. i jumped into the river and i was about to die, until i woke up. i was such a demented 5-year-old.
    I FOUND THE SHOES TOO (stay classy):

  • k this was pretty weird but, I was in this one house killing people with a silenced pistol. Then I ran out of ammo and this guy came and I couldn't stab him (it keeps on getting weirder) so I ran out of the house then found this door to a ditch. When I opened it I saw like 7 dead bodies, then I moved them to the front door of the house (idk why I just did) then ran away.

  • I had a dream where my friend told me to wear a certain shirt.. then I woke up and wore that shirt to school and he was really confused

    Another dream where a random person died and we all just stared at him like get a grip dude

    I have dreams where I'm really happy with the outcome but then I am reminded of something and my brain is where I am so everything I think of I live, so I end up leaving the dream and then I'm mad at myself when I wake up ;--;

  • @Clqire oh look I'm your new dad

    That reminds me of another dream that I'd forgotten

    So there's this friend of mine and we were in musical rehearsal but then we teleported to Sweden so it didn't matter..
    Then there was this hot air balloon and a bad guy and I had to write words around him to kill him or something?
    There was something about soccer
    Then I married said friend and we stayed in Sweden ...

    Then I had the SAME dream with a different ending right after, where the bad guy killed my friend and I had to marry him back in the US (wut)

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