New Minigame Poll, Vote For Your favorite! | [POLL CLOSED - STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO]

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    Hey guys!

    As I mentioned in my blog post, we've got a new(old) coder back and he's been adding new stuff and fixing stuff on BlockMania lately.

    One of the first things he's doing is adding more Minigames to the Party server. (Type /mini when you're on BlockMania)

    So for our next game, I want you guys to vote which one you'd like to play first!
    I'm going to quickly describe a bunch of games here and there will be a poll above this message.

    #1, Mob Capturing - Knock mobs into goals to get points.

    #2, Avoid the Void - Parkour game where the ground slowly moves up and you have to avoid falling.

    #3, Reverse Parkour - Navigate your way down through a cluster of blocks without dying from fall damage and be the first to the bottom.

    #4, Fishing Game - Fancy fishing game where you have to get fish and then throw them into a hole before other players steal them from you.

    #5, Memory Match - View a set of items/blocks on a wall and then try to recreate it from memory.

    #6, Color Capture - Paint the ground with your team's color by jumping on the blocks, whoever has the largest colored area when the time runs out wins.

    #7, Bow Tag - Tag the other team with bows to turn them into your teammates. First team to collect all players wins.

    Which one sounds the most fun? Cast your vote above!
    Message me if you have any questions or suggestions. We always value the community's feedback.

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    Thanks for your votes!

    We got a very close tie between #3, Reverse Parkour and #7, Bow Tag. So... we're gonna make both!

    A beta test of Reverse Parkour will be on the minigame server tonight!
    Bow Tag will be announced very soon.

    Thanks for your feedback, we'll post lots more of these polls in the future.

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    As a person who can't read, I vote for Mob Capture.

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