Favorite band, artist, song...(etc)

  • Artists: Twenty on pilots, One republic, X ambassadors, Chain smokers, and Pink.
    Songs: Too many to individually count...

  • I really love Alicia Keys' new album, and I've been listening to Amy Winehouse alot lately, I think right now my favourite album is Lana Del Rey's - Born to Die, I'M OBSESSED, also I've been playing Toxic - Britney Spears, on REPEAT.

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Coldplay is very consistent with the music they put out, I enjoy almost every song : )

  • My favourite artists are, or well I love: PVRIS, Twenty One Pilots, Against the Current, Bring Me the Horizon, Halsey and Paramore just to name a few.

    My favourite song varies abnormally frequently, but right now I've been listening to "Ode to Sleep" by Twenty One Pilots on repeat recently.

  • A list from the top of my head I enjoy: Chainsmokers, Coldplay, One Republic, Maroon 5...
    However, there is this one genre I rarely listen to: rap. It is this song that just.. pulls me in (I've been listening to it more often)? I can't really explain it, sorry.

  • Two Steps From Hell

    You've heard one of their songs, believe me
    Even if you didn't know who it was by.

    Namely Heart of Courage..

  • The Cab was like my go-to sad artist/band (i don't remember if it's several people). I really like the Weeknd and a lot of rappers. etc. etc.

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