• I want to start by saying that me myself use an iPhone because of the simplicity and I have never used Android devices before.

    So, Apple recently released their new MacBook Pro. You can buy this for "only $1299". Here are the specs of it:

    CPU: Dual-Core Intel i5 2.7Ghz (Turbo Boost of 3.1Ghz)
    8GBs of 1866Hz memory which is non upgradable.
    A 128GB PCIe-based SSD.
    Intel Iris Graphics 6100 (Intergrated)

    Now, regarding the non upgradable memory on this.
    The memory is welded into the motherboard, making it non upgradable. Because of this, you can't simply upgrade the RAM if you need to, you would have to buy a completely new MacBook. Now, of course they could of left it unwelded, but by welding it to the motherboard they'll make more money off people that need to buy a new MacBook. Now people dont need to buy a MacBook, but if you bought a MacBook in the first place, you probably have your reasons. I was in the Apple Store about 2 weeks ago, and a guy next to me was talking about buying one and he asked an employee why the RAM wasn't upgradable. The employee said: "Since its so slim." And I just wanted to laugh so badly...

    You can EASILY get a computer together that will easily outperform the MacBook for less than half the price. However, the MacBook is really slim, I'll give them that.

    And the most annoying thing about Apple right now is that they released a book for $300, now if you haven't heard of it or seen it you might be guessing that it has some cool features or something like that, well, it doesn't. The book is just pictures of their products. The book doesn't even have the latest devices in it though, such as the new MacBook, the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 7 Plus. And also, you could find these pictures on Google, and guess the cost? $0! :). Still people pay for this book... someone explain this to me xD

    Give me your opinions on Apple after what you just read, changed your mind about Apple?

  • Apple has really expensive Keyboard, Headphones, Track pads, etc. Which annoys me a lot tbh. @1101

  • @AwesomeAhmad1 said in Apple.:

    Apple has really expensive Keyboard, Headphones, Track pads, etc. Which annoys me a lot tbh. @1101

    I didn't know they sell that! But that sounds annoying... How much does this go for?

  • BlockMania Administrator

    @AwesomeAhmad1 and computers....

  • I stopped reading after "I want" I got lazy

  • @Hapoo Thats something I really can't talk about cause i'm not a specs geek.

  • @yeriin said in Apple.:

    I stopped reading after "I want" I got lazy

    wow lol xD

  • @Hapoo said in Apple.:

    @AwesomeAhmad1 and computers....

    I mentioned the computer situation above :D

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