Most Exotic Meat You've Ever Eaten?

  • What is the most exotic meat you've ever eaten? For me, it's honestly just octopus. :bacon:

  • ate a koala

  • a turtle when I was a kid at some restaurant

  • Snake [:

  • "octopus" PFFTTT
    I've eaten pig stomach gross, squid ink, shark, jellyfish, fish eyes, and I've seen my mom eat turtle but it was devastating ;-;

  • Owner

    Human. The most dangerous game.

  • Probably Turkey, I just stick with the norm xD

  • Chicken. I am bad.

  • penis. . .

  • the most exotic meat i've eaten is TuRKEY. this post has scarred me.

  • @Choons I'm 99% sure that's illegal...

  • @Oaf I'm not sure if you're an awful human or not. Koalas are soooo cute, but listen to the freakin noise they make! It sounds like a motorcycle!

  • Am I going to hell for this? @Choons

  • This post is deleted!

  • I don't eat meat aha.

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