OG Names...

  • Tell me OG names for my next alt please

  • @Rokuroh as far as I know, any name that is considered "OG" is already taken :(

  • @Rokuroh what? there are still available og names on mc?
    I guess the only way to get a hold of one is to buy one it off of someone (and this place isn't the place to do it)

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  • This post is deleted!

  • @Mdie lol xd

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  • You need to be a little bit creative - either that or just snag FarLandsorBust before someone else does (hint, hint).

  • @5Hz Wasn't that a youtuber who tried to walk to the far lands in vanilla survival?

  • @6x0 Sure was, not to mention still at it to this day. It really surprised my that no-one had taken it even though it's possibly the most famous Minecraft series there's ever been. Still, I myself don't think it's worth losing either of my IGNs nor paying for a new account to get it.

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  • Banned

    Please stop. Everyone knows they're no OG names to get anymore. People used dictionaries to get Alts. Pokémon names etc

    [Staff Edit: Discussing account sales/sniping is not allowed here]

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