NameMC Suggestions Topic - Read this before posting.

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    This category is for suggesting new features/changes to be added to the NameMC site.

    If a topic is locked, that means the suggestion was answered and resolved.

    Here's a few frequently suggested features and our answers to them.
    Please read these before posting in case it's already suggested here:

    Add the ability to remove name history from your account.

    Answer: | Are we going to add it?: | No.
    Unfortunately that is not something we are going to add.
    Mojang created the UUID system with the intention of making all username history public so we plan on keeping our site as accurate as possible.

    Add custom cosmetic options to player profiles, like Emojis and colors.

    Answer: | Are we going to add it?: | Yes!
    We plan to add lots of cosmetic features in the future, stay tuned to the Announcements section on these forums or follow us on twitter to be the first to hear about new updates.

    [More questions will be added as needed.]

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