Labymod cape and namemc?

  • Would it be possible for labymod capes to show on namemc?

  • Owner

    They've contacted us about it but we're not really sure if we want to start adding cosmetic stuff from mods, it might open the door to lots of people wanting to add theirs and it doesn't really do much for us.

    On top of that, Labmod and 5zig (who also contacted us about displaying their capes) both have name history functions in their mods which defeat the purpose of NameMC...

    Also, in the EULA, it says you can sell cosmetic stuff except for capes. They want their Mojang capes to be special. I'm almost certain they must have a deal with Optifine if they let them get away with it. I doubt they do with Labymod or 5zig.

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