Suggestion for namemc

  • (Outfit overlays)

    •Wild West
    •Spy - Night vision goggles etc
    •Cop uniform
    •Beach outfit
    •Business Suit

    (Hat overlays)

    •Baseball cap
    •Biker helmet
    •Space helmet

    (Skin showcase like official released skins that are for show and for grabs)

    Please upvote this so the higher up can see my suggestions it would mean a lot to me.

  • @lllllll
    can't you just grab off someone's skin anyway?
    also, wouldn't this be counted as "showcase?"
    excuse my poorly drawn egg shaped circle

  • Owner

    We definitely plan to add more of the overlay stuff, especially for holidays and events.

    I can't tell you a lot of details but we've talked a lot about some other similar unique skin-modification options that other sites don't have, as far as I know.

    You'll have to wait and see!

  • @Kaytherine Half those skins are garbage be honest I mean like skins that are good and released for show and rep.

  • @Choons Hope its worth the wait. :pray:

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