Mandela Effects.

  • okay so, if you haven't heard what a mandela effect is, what are you doing. but okay so basically im dying over these things, and im seriously so confused by them lmao

    • white out is actually spelled wite out
    • mickey mouse never had suspenders?!
    • Curious George NEVER HAD A TAIL?!!1!!
      Do you guys know more mandela effects?
      anyways, i'm shook.

  • ok first of all


  • @avacadoandtoast how do u not know what mandela effects are ]:

  • @Mannors
    idk what that is either
    @avacadoandtoast isn't alone lmfao

    explain what "mandela effects" are to me pls

  • the question is how do u know what they r

  • @avacadoandtoast @Kaytherine "There’s an unexplained phenomenon that you’ve probably experienced without knowing what it’s called, and it’s garnering more and more attention lately. “The Mandela effect” is what the internet is calling those curious instances in which many of us are certain we remember something a particular way, but it turns out we’re incorrect." -BuzzFeed

    For example, Do you guys know Chik-fil-a? Or Kit-Kat?

  • Wtf... that's scary

  • It's actually Chick-fil-a And its JUST KitKat derftghyjuk

  • You know that kid's show about a family of bears? The Berenstein Bears? Well, its was never called the Berenstein Bears. It is actually called The Berenstain bears. Reply if I'm the only one who ever thought it was The Berenstein Bears.

  • @PatterPlayz yesyesyeys

  • @Mannors my mind is in a twisted mess rn
    it's basically like: everything isn't what it seems (or however that saying goes)

  • "wite out" that's crazy lmao

  • everyone knows it as
    "mirror mirror on the wall"

    • oscar meyer is actually "oscar mayer"????
      c-3PO isn't all gold, he ACTUALLY has a silver leg>>???
      and this one has me shook. The tip of Pikachu's tail isn't black????


  • @Kath Deaaad. i cant

  • @Mannors wtf wite out will always be white out for me ! that made me more sh00k than the mickey mouse one

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