Hi, I'm Xst or Jost!

  • Hello, my Minecraft name is Xst (eXiST) but my real alias is Jost. I have had Minecraft for 5 years (November 1, 2011)! My first ever server was McPvP, which if you didn't know was basically the Mineplex of back then. It was literally the funnest time that I've ever had on a game. It sucked tho when all the staff started to quit and the community became nothing. Ending that quick story, what I mainly do for fun is try to use NameMC to snipe OG Minecraft names. I am pretty new to it so I kinda suck at it, but this site will help me do so much more. The server BlockMania and the site seem like they are very awesome and I am excited to join the community!

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