Hey, I'm KilledByVoid

  • Heyy,

    My name is KilledByVoid. I play Minecraft since 2011.

    Facts about me:
    Name: Dennis
    Age: 17
    Birthday: February 3rd
    Country: Germany
    City: Secret ;)

    Idk more facts now .-.

    Minecraft History:
    2011: Singeplayer
    2011-2012: MCMultiCraftWorld (First server I played) [Offline]
    2012-2014: Minecraft-Zocker.net
    2014: GommeHD.net
    2014-Now: Mineplex.com

    Names and Accounts:
    I own 2 Accounts atm:

    Main Account; KilledByVoid
    2nd Account: Dennis_3299 (Old name from my main)

    What I play/do atm:
    I'm a rly big Mineplex Player. I played over 2 Years at this server now and still have fun to play on it.
    My favorite game at this Server is "Bomb Lobbers" (With 16k games played and 11.8k Wins)
    Other games I like are Turf Wars, Bridges, Wizards and Block Hunt

    On October, 8th, I was the 50th player, who Achieved Level 100 at the Server.
    That was with one of the biggest goals I wanted to reach and never thought I will get it (It was a rly long and hard way ._. )

    Oh and I also have a little name clan with some friends at this Server (KilledBy Clan) :D

    Last Note: Idk why I do that now. I'm just bored atm :p

  • Welcome to the forums m8

  • Welcome to the MC Community bro! 😝

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