Heyo, it's ya boy Hanna

  • Hello, I'm Burf. :purple_heart:
    I recently joined the community after noticing the added feature, and I'm so excited to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me.
    My name is Hanna and I live in a house of four. With my mother, father, and grandma. I have 2 dogs, a cat, a fish (suicidal), and a bird.
    I love making new friends and meeting new people. Although i'm quite unsocial, I usually warm up to people pretty quickly and after that it's game over. I'll run my mouth nonstop.
    Minecraft Journey
    I started playing Minecraft about three years ago when my friend first introduced me to it. You can find her now as "Yurf". I explored servers and eventually found a small but friendly community server called "Dinomine". I met some really close friends on this server and eventually became helper-> builder-> mod-> admin-> badmin (builder/admin). After finding this server I found my way over to a larger, but still friendly, community known as Minetime. I still visit the creative part of this server so I can practice and maintain building skills I've started to lose. I now mostly play on Mineplex and sometimes Hypixel. Feel free to say hi if you see me online at any point. (Mainly play CTF on MIneplex)
    More About Me

    • Only child
    • Makeup artist
    • Shy (until you get to know me)
    • I can be a little harsh (in a joking way of course)
    • I live in Tennessee, US
    • I like to skate, eat, and browse the Internet
    • I live a pretty boring life
    • I have few friends cough cough
    • I'm pretty much trash
    • I used to be a fairly popular skinner
    • I like to draw and do art although I do need lessons
    • I do not have a favorite color, although I do like more neutral and nude tones

    I'm a pretty normal teen who likes cute things, pets, and food.
    oh and
    I'm mean and like stealing memes.

    if you want to be friends just uh I don't know, do something

  • BlockMania Administrator

    what kind of boy is named hanna

  • @Hapoo ; ) this boy

  • oh welcomee xx

  • @Florela Thank you! << 3

  • Hellu c;

  • Your very unique

  • @CqmboYT Very nice euphamism

  • No, you actually do though :"D

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