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  • You know how people want to have a username that's trending, such as "Its(their name)" and such? Well maybe if you add this or something similar, people from worldwide servers can suggest usernames that are trending in that particular server or any that they have heard of a few times :D good idea? I'm willing to hear what you think about it :smile_cat:

  • Rather than "Trending Usernames", I'd say just have a "Popular" search result which can be filtered to top 10 in Accounts, Skins, and Servers.

  • Owner

    We don't really want to give the users with the most views even more views, that would just widen the gap and the top 10 would always be the same.

  • @Choons You could always try to filter them out, like if you see specific YouTubers or server owners always at the top, disallow them from ever being on the list? Just a thought.

  • Owner

    Well then we'd have to look into who each person is. This is my answer to like 90% of the suggestions on here but: anything that involves manual moderation is not going to work most of the time. Too many people.

    These forums alone got 8,000 registered users from NameMC in less than 7 days.

    We'd need hundreds of mods.

  • @Choons Hmm, true. It would be neat to find some sort of manner to show a popularity of sorts.

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