When you get a map accepted to MC Realms but don't know it for 1 month :(

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  • Lol 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀

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    Ouch... I did something similar when I was working at McPVP. I submitted a request to Twitch to get my channel partnered even though I didn't meet the requirements. I told them I was going to be streaming on the largest Minecraft network and we wanted a stream /team page.

    Turns out they answered and accepted it like the day after I emailed them but I didn't notice for like a month and a half.

  • @Choons I'm just hoping I can at least remake the map for christmas lol.

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    @Excessed sorry to hear dude.

  • @Mooshroom Yeah lol, just waiting for the sad response from Marc saying "it's too late". I'll just keep making more :)

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    Yeah good luck. I'm sure he'll still accept it, you might just have to wait a while again.

  • Ouch, that's such a shame. You know, I've been working on a minigame for realms but I decided to scrap it once I realised that there would be hundreds and hundreds of individual moves to test and troubleshoot. Will probably try something else.

    Best of luck getting it up again for Christmas! If it was up to scratch the first time, I'm sure you'll sail in on the second.

  • @Choons UPDATE
    I was accepted and now have access to atlas <3

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