SaintPvP - Network Server 1.8 + 1.7

  • Hello and welcome to my thread where I will be telling all about a new server me and a few friends had created which includes a variety of game modes to play such as:

    • HCF
    • Practice
    • FFA
    • Survival Games (Future Updates)
      These servers can consist of so many game modes that in the future there will be so many servers and game modes to play on.
      HCF will only be online for a temporarily amount of time which then the server will be offline until the server is ready to be released.

    What is HCF:
    HCF is a short term use for "HardCore Factions" which is a much more difficult version of Factions. You get DTR (Deaths Till Raidable) if the DTR goes "0" and below, your faction is raidable!
    HCF has no kits besides of some crates which you will be able to purchase on the store very soon! There are no other kit used methods within HCF.

    What is FFA:
    FFA is a very good thing to do when you are practicing PVP and making videos because not only your are getting good videos. People will cheat so you can get good videos of them being scums! We enjoy creating FFA because we have very good plugins and a very good map for you to have and play on. Our current theme as we speak is a winter wonderland theme which consists of having a snow themed map with some houses and a massive tree as spawn with no leaves on it. Its a good map and I think you all deserve a wintery themed map.

    How do I join this amazing server?
    The server will be released tomorrow so bookmark this thread and keep an eye on this being updated! IP WILL BE HERE SOON: (The IP will be here)


  • Interesting, good luck! :)

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