Meet the community!

  • I love doing these! All you do is answer a few questions about yourself and, to me, I find it fun to read others' posts! Here are the questions I have chosen, and you may copy this to answer:

    -My IGN:
    -Other names that I go by:
    -My age:
    -Where I am from:
    -Dank skill:
    -Languages I can speak/learning:
    -5 facts about me:
    -A question I get asked a lot:
    -Biggest pet peeve:
    -Favourite thing to do:
    -Cool skill about me:
    -Dream job:
    -Relationship status:
    -Best moment:
    -Ways to contact me:
    -Anything else super cool about me:

  • -My IGN: Kaytherine
    -Other names that I go by: Kat
    -My age: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) guess idy
    -Where I am from: my mom's womb (America)
    -Dank skill: 360noscopem90getrektheadshotgetflamed
    -Languages I can speak/learning: English & learning Latin (it's apparently not a dead language)
    -5 facts about me (know me, and you would know ;)):

    1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    3. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    4. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    5. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      -A question I get asked a lot: "Are you British?"
      -Biggest pet peeve: people who don't cover their mouths when they have a coughing fit. Seriously, I don't want yo GERMMMMS.
      -Favourite thing to do: actually get a decent night of sleep.
      On a serious note, I've been wanting to travel out more. Where I live, life is bland.
      -Cool skill about me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      -Dream job: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      -Relationship status: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
      -Best moment: when I was born
      -Ways to contact me: um, I'm not going to give my # o-o but contact me on here, I guess? xD
      -Anything else super cool about me:
      i'm super lame

  • BlockMania Administrator

    -My IGN: Mooshroom
    -Other names that I go by: Sasuke
    -My age: 19
    -Where I am from: AU
    -Dank skill: Souping.
    -Languages I can speak/learning: English.
    -5 facts about me:

    1. I eat.
    2. I sleep.
    3. I play video games.
    4. I don't McDonald's
    5. I love KFC!

    -A question I get asked a lot: How old you are?
    -Biggest pet peeve: wat
    -Favourite thing to do: Listening to music.
    -Cool skill about me: I can cook Bacon and Eggs.
    -Dream job: Computer Programmer.
    -Relationship status: none of your concern. ;)
    -Best moment: Don't remember.
    -Ways to contact me: On here.
    -Anything else super cool about me: I play Halo.

  • @Mooshroom Biggest pet peeve means something you find annoying :P

  • Ign: Silvathian
    Nicknames: Homey, Silv, Ian, (a lot more)
    I am from America, North East
    I have a skill of spam emailing my friends memes.
    I only really speak English
    I usually get asked if im a girl or a guy xD (Im a female)
    5 Facts: I love Roleplaying
    I watch a lot of WWE
    Im really into Art
    I used to play a saxophone
    I really like MLP for some reason
    My Biggest pet peeve is any form of licking, i hate the sound
    My fave thing to do is write and draw
    My dream job is to be a WWE wrestler
    I am currently single and glad lol
    I have a deviantart (SusovianFlaaffy)
    eh insert a random cool thing

  • IGN: Mannors
    Other names: Dylan, or Mug
    Age: How old do you think I am? :,
    Where I am from: London
    Dank skill: sending dank memes.
    Languages: English, and lil french (thanks google)
    5 facts about me:

    1. i really like food
    2. my favorite color is greeen
    3. im friendly
    4. i like the face ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )
    5. im special ..
      Question: none i know of
      Biggest pet peeve: When someone thinks that they are better then the other person
      Favourite thing i like to do: Mc, and forums
      Cool skill: i can play guitar and piano? [:
      Dream Job: Surgeon
      Relationship status: HmHmMhMmMhm
      Best moment: having a 25 killing streak :,)
      Ways to contact me: i dont use social media <:
      anything else super cool about me: i prefer waffles over everything else.

  • -My IGN: CanadianEGirl
    -Other names that I go by: My actual name Jesse, EGirl, Canadian, eAnime, AnimeGirl, Maple syrup girl (DONT CALL ME THIS OR I GET TRIGGERED)
    -My age: 16, 17 soon
    -Where I am from: Canada
    -Dank skill: Xbox Achievement hunter.
    -Languages I can speak/learning: English, French, and Greek
    -5 facts about me: I love video games, I'm getting into game design and programming, getting into anime, I'm a g0d at Battlefield and Halo, Hockey is my favorite sport
    -A question I get asked a lot: Are you a girl? A: no, I'm Anime (I'm a guy Xd)
    -Biggest pet peeve: People saying "no offence" as it makes whatever offensive thing they said less offensive
    -Favourite thing to do: Video Game
    -Cool skill about me: I'm good at thinking of new ideas for games, and game design
    -Dream job: Game designing
    -Relationship status: None, ive been in a relationship at this age and although it went amazing and was such a good time of my life, we lasted 9 months but recently decided that being in a relationship at this age is way too stressful for both of us. We wanted to be together forever, but we agreed that we didn't need to be lovers for that, we could be best friends, and with that we would never have to worry and deal with the stresses that come from relationships, just worry about being there for each other as friends. It really was a good feeling and took huge stresses off our backs, and in the end, we're both happy and everything is working out better then one could dream. My tip to other people looking for love at this age, dont get into it, we are really too young, there is a reason some parents dont want their children to date until they're older.
    -Best moment: Finally finishing LASO Master - Halo: The Master Chief Collection
    -Ways to contact me: Discord, #Jesse4141 or , hit me up :)
    -Anything else super cool about me: i like cats

  • @CanadianEGirl that long relationship status tho

  • @Mannors Went on a mini rant about relationships lol

  • -My IGN: 5Hz
    -Other names that I go by: PixlPlex, Ι, (others)
    -My age: 470 000 000, but I'm not giving you the units
    -Where I am from: The UK
    -Dank skill: drawing world maps
    -Languages I can speak/learning: English, French, Spanish, Ido, Arabic, German, British Sign Language and Pig Latin
    -5 facts about me:

    • I'm technically a published writer;
    • I play the piano;
    • I spend way too long writing forum posts;
    • I was predicted to be born on Christmas Day (but wasn't) and
    • I love stollen.

    -A question I get asked a lot: Are you an alt?
    -Biggest pet peeve: when people are eating and don't have their lips tightly sealed together
    -Favourite thing to do: if only I knew
    -Cool skill about me: I'm a legend on Google Earth Flight Simulator.
    -Dream job: either maths/science educator or video artist
    -Relationship status: N/A
    -Best moment: that one time 7 years ago, you know the one
    -Ways to contact me: under the name PixlPlex via either MCF, YouTube or carrier pigeon
    -Anything else super cool about me: yes

  • @MelaniesFangirl

    -My IGN: Somersaults
    -Other names that I go by: Fran
    -My age: 14
    -Where I am from: Canada
    -Dank skill: I can talk in a very high pitched voice.
    -Languages I can speak/learning: English, and Russian.
    -5 facts about me: 1. My favourite colour is Orange. 2. This is my alt account. 3. I love racing games. 4. I'm a brony. 5. I love Pokemon.
    -A question I get asked a lot: "What is your relationship status?"
    -Biggest pet peeve: When someone asks me "What is your relationship status?"
    -Favourite thing to do: Playing video games, especially with friends. c:
    -Cool skill about me: I can draw pixel art, I guess.
    -Dream job: Video Game Developer, or YouTuber.
    -Relationship status:
    -Best moment(s): Playing with my friends, and having a good time in general. c:
    -Ways to contact me: Discord, I guess? My username is "Fran#1337" if you want to add me.
    -Anything else super cool about me: IM NOT MADE OUT OF ICE CUBES

  • - My IGN: up there^^^ (Siimplicity)

    - Other names that I go by: TheMCGal, Typiqal_, xRelinquishing, MCG, Typ, xRel, Relish, Siim

    - My age: 14 years old

    - Where I am from: 'murica

    - Dank skill: I can sing "Udders Don't Lie" without having to look at the lyrics

    - Languages I can speak/learning: I was learning Chinese, then I stopped. I can understand a bit of Tagalog and Spanish...? However, I can understand Ilocano fairly well.
    also i can english

    - 5 facts about me:

    1. I love to play video games.
    2. I can draw.
    3. I currently play the clarinet.
    4. I watch anime.
    5. I'm Asian :^)

    - A question I get asked a lot: "Are you (Mexican, Native American, Hawaiian, Pacific Islander)?

    - Biggest pet peeve: cant think of one rn

    - Favourite thing to do: Just doodle

    - Cool skill about me: see above answers??

    - Dream job: Maybe become a musician/artist?

    - Relationship status: Single


    -Ways to contact me: See my forum signature below :)

    - Anything else super cool about me: not really lol

  • @Kaytherine said in Meet the community!:

    -My IGN: Kaytherine
    -Other names that I go by: Kat

    i go by kat too

    -My IGN: butwhyme
    -Other names that I go by: kathrine / kath / kat / pixeldick / asshole / june
    -My age: 666
    -Where I am from: hell
    -Dank skill: doing asian things
    -Languages I can speak/learning: japanese konichiwa doki doki kawaii senpai thomas chan san segoiiii english
    -A question I get asked a lot: "omg r u chin33zZEeeEE??" lol no oml does it look like i can be blindfolded by floss
    -Favourite thing to do: masturbate
    -Cool skill about me: i like green
    -Dream job: mass suicide bombing terrorist
    -Relationship status: i'm in love with myself
    -Best moment: no go away
    -Ways to contact me: skype - melonisdumb / discord - kathrine#0806 / snapchat - stupidgrapes
    -Anything else super cool about me: i like fluffy things

    I just read over this and can confirm that I am 100% mature.

  • -My IGN: Vuxa
    -Other names that I go by: Cassie/Cass
    -My age: 16
    -Where I am from: america yo
    -Dank skill: i'm good at playing block games :^)
    -Languages I can speak/learning: only english
    -5 facts about me: i'm weird, always hungry, wannabe grunge, i love justin bieber, i'm blunt af
    -A question I get asked a lot: "Vuxa team?"
    -Biggest pet peeve: people who interrupt me or don't let me finish what i'm saying before they get triggered
    -Favourite thing to do: talk to @ItsRetro
    -Cool skill about me: loving @ItsRetro
    -Dream job: veterinarian
    -Relationship status: single but heart is happily taken :~)
    -Best moment: meeting the friends i have now
    -Ways to contact me: skype tbh
    -Anything else super cool about me: yeah me

  • -My IGN: Florela
    -Other names that I go by: Emma
    -My age: idk
    -Where I am from: america
    -Dank skill: making people feel uncomfortable x
    -Languages I can speak/learning: still trying to learn english
    -5 facts about me: im obsessed with these forums, im literally so awkward, i am the biggest hyprocrite, hella moody, and i rlly like food
    -A question I get asked a lot: skype?????
    -Biggest pet peeve: people who like fidgit omg
    -Favourite thing to do: i guess video games idk
    -Cool skill about me: ^^^
    -Dream job: idk probably doing something in interior design
    -Relationship status: (;
    -Best moment: tbh idk
    -Ways to contact me: don't
    -Anything else super cool about me: i'm super cool, obviously

  • -My IGN: TwentyOneAmys
    -Other names that I go by: chip, amy, chipotl
    -My age: 14
    -Where I am from: New Zealand ;))
    -Dank skill: pepe
    -Languages I can speak/learning: German and English
    -5 facts about me:

    • i suck at minecraft in general
    • i can't Pvp to save myself
    • i can't build
    • ive only ever played 2 servers
    • none if my friends play minecraft (heHeh def not because i don't have any or anything ;-;)
      -A question I get asked a lot: arE yOu a GiRl (YES I AM A GIRL OMG)
      -Biggest pet peeve: sloW walkers and LOUD chewers
      -Favourite thing to do: sit alone in my room talking to people ive never met over the internet
      -Cool skill about me: i once recited the entire bee movie script to my sister on a car trip
      -Dream job: become a mermaid
      -Relationship status: shH
      -Best moment: ??? i have no life ..
      -Ways to contact me: uh, msg me ingame on the one server i actually play on: LemonCloud ;)
      -Anything else super cool about me: im not super cool, so no <3

  • @Florela lmao you probs would hate me if we met irl because I fidgit SO MUCH

  • -My IGN: ThunBun
    -Other names that I go by: Alexa, Lexi, Bun, Bunneh, Person
    -My age: 15
    -Where I am from: America
    -Dank skill: No clue
    -Languages I can speak/learning: English and nothing currently
    -5 facts about me:
    -I can annoy people easily
    -I used to listen to music 13hrs a day but not it's a bit less
    -A question I get asked a lot: Who are you?
    -Biggest pet peeve: When people chew loudly
    -Favourite thing to do: Photography
    -Cool skill about me: Don't know
    -Dream job: Nurse
    -Relationship status: Taken
    -Best moment: Spraying shaving cream around the school
    -Ways to contact me: Skype
    -Anything else super cool about me:** No thanks

  • yeee I love reading about other ppl

    -My IGN: Squidiipaws
    -Other names that I go by: Lenelle, Elle, Squid
    -My age: 12 <<:
    -Where I am from: United States
    -Dank skill: uh I'm kinda decent at art
    -Languages I can speak/learning: I can understand spanish but I suck at speaking it
    -5 facts about me: 1. the worst grade I've ever gotten is a C- 2. I play tennis 3. my favorite color is pink 4. I was supposed to be born on Valentines Day 5. I'm super loud and confident online but I tone it down a ton irl
    -A question I get asked a lot: "Wait what's your name again?"
    -Favourite thing to do: talk to ppl or listen to music
    -Cool skill about me: wasn't this already a question?
    -Dream job: idfk I've always wanted to be an english teacher <<,:
    -Relationship status: everyone at my school is dating and I'm being a lonely gay fuck with a bag of hot fries
    -Best moment: the best thing that's happened in this awful year is meeting my current best friends
    -Ways to contact me: skype: frankiwaymustdie cringe or just on here I guess
    -Anything else super cool about me: sure

  • -My IGN: knivies (i change my name alot lmao)
    -Other names that I go by: andrea, aca, drea, satan(claus)
    -My age: 13
    -Where I am from: north america//united states
    -Dank skill: making skins ? is that even a skill--
    -Languages I can speak/learning: english, and a lil bit of german and spanish (^; wanna learn more about spanish tho
    -5 facts about me:

    1. lazy
    2. procrastinator
    3. bad af at building
    4. talkative online, real damn shy irl
    5. im an overthinker

    -A question I get asked a lot: "who's aca/knivies ?" yes by all my friend's friends
    -Biggest pet peeve: people who walk so damn slow in the hallways at school
    -Favourite thing to do: make skins, doing bad art//trying to get good, and dreaming
    -Cool skill about me: i can lie about leaving my homework at home and the truth is that i didn't do it ??
    -Dream job: artist or a chef (^; unless i become too addicted to the internet and i live a horrible life but that's fine too
    -Relationship status: ew no never too introverted LOL
    -Best moment: when i killed 2 full dia people w/ a wooden sword on skywars mmm
    -Ways to contact me:

    1. skype; sizzledippin
    2. planetminecraft; knivies
    3. skindex; jixo or my dead account blindava
    4. on here

    -Anything else super cool about me: im an introverted weeb, nice to meet you

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