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  • Hello,

    I have thought since there were several new NameMC members that some of you would need help building. I would consider myself a professional builder since I've built for free before, but unfortunately I am a paid builder now.

    This thread is opinionated and not factual, so if you disagree with me, don't hate.

    First of all, never start out as a paid builder. Start working for servers (for free) and try and improve your skills, it can really help towards your overall building experience.

    Building is possible from learning. There is a possibility that you can learn from other builders, but it is not as common as starting out being born to build.

    Second, never rage if you're a bad builder. As a builder in the past, I was not the best, but over time, I've improved and now I own my own company. I don't know if putting my company link in this thread is allowed so I'm just going to leave it out until I get further notice on that.

    Third, think of this as American Idol, or the X-Factor. Build, and then have professionals or players who've had building experience judge it. Take their advice, because you never know if it's good or bad, well if it's bad, you'll probably know.

    Fourth, keep trying new ideas, try new things. A builder doesn't ever just stick to one thing forever, they keep trying new ideas and trying to combine ideas with others. Never, ever get stuck on one idea, it won't help you.

    If you really want the best advice for building, I suggest you take the time to make a huge project, post it on PMC, ask a couple of friends and professional builders to see if they like it, and if they don't, that means they're asking you to get better and take their advice, which is something you should consider, especially if you're not one of those people who does take advice well.

    I'm not forcing you to go build, because that's your choice obviously. The thing is, with building, there are certain people who like different patterns and different styles. You will never become a perfect builder, but I'll tell you one thing, you may become a great one.

    Last thing to note is never give up. If you feel you'll never become a great builder, you're wrong. Anyone can become a builder as long as they keep trying and keep improving. How do you think I got to the point where I'm now paid to build?

    Never give up with any dreams, keep on going, and never stop building.


  • It's all about patience and the will to be inspired.
    What really helps is getting positive and negative opinions from other builders. Negatives are usually the ones builders-in-training should look for if it is a constructive review.

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