What servers did you guys come from?

  • Since this forums community is getting bigger with the diversity of players coming together from different servers, what server are you mostly active (can be found) on? What makes this server worth staying?

    Extra Q: What made you join the namemc community?

  • hive but i play more on hypixel now

    i had this friend who linked me namemc lmao

  • Well you can probably tell that I came from roleplay servers (Because I use SirGenderless as my character and go around morning about being genderless and that type of stuff)
    I use this character I made as a roleplay character I always try and keep character (I'm not in character now) I think minecraft for me is more fun if I have a character to go around as. but back to the question I am from schoolrp (I don't go on these servers anymore, but I recommend going on them if you are into roleplaying) and Harry PotterRp.

  • @SirGenderless I'll try to remember to check it out when I have some time to actually get online p:

    @Florela I kinda play Hypixel lol

  • BlockMania Administrator

    mcpvp : )

  • Hypixel ;p

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