Most Mutes on Mineplex

  • on mineplex i have 8 mutes (im on my 8th one right now which was a 28 day mute and i have 26.7 more days left), 1 ban, 12 Warnings and im perm banned from the forums. if u have more then me well then... Ill slap you.

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  • Well done. Im guessing your ign caused alot of it. I have no bans/mutes/warning surprisingly, since I get really salty when people hackusate me

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  • i have not been muted on mineplex (woah im shook), i honestly don't understand why because i'm such a sarcastic person on there, it's like i'm screaming to get muted

  • @Sonarize None of them have been from my ign somehow xD

  • I tell you, I couldn't even count with my fingers the number of times I've been muted on Mineplex; ... times.

  • @Suaces
    sarcasm is my second language

    Why so many mutes?

  • @Kaytherine i bypass alot.

  • @Hackplex Like bypassing chat filters by cursing?

  • On my main Calignosity i have perm mute,1 ban.Thats already worse than you.

    On my first alt Unsparing i got a 30 day mute by jarvis thats the longest i had on there.

    On my fearlessly account i had a 22 day mute and 1 ban.

    And on my 4th alt perplexity just a 3 day mute.

    I got 4 semi-og accounts that have been punished and they all got capes too, 2 of the 4 have ultra ranks. All premium i bought them of the actual for 28 dollars each

  • I've never been muted on Mineplex.
    I've been warned once by myself which I did when I resigned from the staff team
    And I've been permanently banned 3 times from mineplex, 1 for AFKing while I was a staff member and 2 for account security when I was part of the staff team.

  • @Hackplex or do you mean bypassing with alts?

  • @Kaytherine i mean bypassing the chat.

  • @purplesword were they all on the same account

  • @Perplexity one of my mutes were perm. And there all on the same acc. But my friend and i both appealed for it. :3

  • @Hackplex I Appealed For My Perm 10 Times But They Dont Accept It and since i appealed so much im forum banned too :p

  • 12 perm bans on all my accs, 23 mutes. Is that bad?

  • I've done nothing wrong lmao what (I don't go on mineplex anyways)

  • Owner

    I was perm muted on my account "Mineplex" for "impersonation" without saying anything.

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