Certain Names that can't be taken (for no apparent reason)?

  • Some names which aren't offensive AT ALL are colored brown. Minecraft won't let you change to them either.

    For example, "SirJava"

    w t f

  • Same, my og name of my alt (TheDragonMC) is locked aswell, and idek why.

  • This could be because minecraft runs on java, and they don't want a chance of a trouble-causing user having a name affiliated with it. That's my two cents.

  • I've seen the same thing with the ign "Prudent". Wont let me change to that ign

  • Owner

    If they're like that, Mojang is blocking it for one reason or another.

    A lot of them may be the profanity filter being overly-sensitive but some may also be specific reasons where support blocked that name temporarily or permanently. Their API doesn't show the reason names are blocked unfortunately.

    I would not ask them about it though, if it was a mistake it will be unlocked eventually and I've never heard of them unlocking a name for someone who asked, so don't bother them with it.

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