Can you solve this simple math problem?

  • Can you solve this?

    __ + __ + __ = 30

    Fill the boxes using
    (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15)
    You can also repeat the numbers

    -All Credit Goes to Mind Oddities-

  • Im assuming you use the metric system? In America decimals are used to represent non whole numbers it seems as if you are using commas to represent the fractions. If this is true the answer is 11,3+15,7+3=30 But that is only if we can re order the numbers. If not I have no clue.

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  • Use the factorial function in your answer: 11 + 3! (123, which equals 6) + 13 = 30
    Change the mathematical base system of the equation in certain places (this can give an answer with multiple bases or a single base): For single bases: ..For multiple bases... 910+910+910=309910+910+910=309. A number which appears as "30" when written in a different base system doesn't represent "thirty" in base ten. When written in base 9 as 309309, is equivalent to twenty seven in base ten: (27102710). Or using all the same base: 135+115+15=305135+115+15=305 in base five, which is equivalent to (810+610+110=1510)(810+610+110=1510) in base ten. Or 139+159+19=309139+159+19=309 in base nine.
    Use the commas given in the question to your advantage: In many countries the comma (,) is used instead of the full stop (.) to represent a decimal point. For example "3.5" (three and a half) can be written as "3,5". This allows for the solution 11,3 + 15,7 + 3 = 30.
    Only use numbers in two of the brackets: You could leave one of the brackets blank and have the answer as () + (15) + (15) = 30. The first fifteen represents a fifteen with a "unary plus" (+15) and the second fifteen added to the first one gives us thirty. The first bracket is left empty.
    Rotate one of the accepted numbers so that it resembles a different number: If the number 9 is rotated 180 degrees then it can resemble the number 6. 6 (an upside down number "9") + 9 + 15 = 30.

  • Nope I can't I have like a 75 in Math.

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  • @Clqire Correct. It was a "Can you" question and you answered No! Congratz

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  • I think I know why. We need to add three numbers to make thirty, so their average has to be 10, but since we can only use odd numbers we have to shift the 10s around. There are no combinations of adding 1 here and subtracting 1 there that don't result in at least one even number so it can't be done.

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  • After one minute I just scrolled down in the comments, I'm no math nerd xD

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