• hi dumb ass fat virgins. i am angel, most of you probably know me as i am incredibly known and a praised celebrity on most servers. stay humble.

    one of my quality traits is making other users feel completely worthless. this list includes well known shitters such as tewchaynz and stimpay.

    if you are to encounter me in the future i would recommend you bite your fucking tongue and keep your dirty unkempt fingers off your keyboard

    just a brief summary and warning about me! my twitter is at @egirIy
    if you need to contact me or a little push toward the inevitable death your depression holds. bye

  • hi babycake wanna fUCUCUcKKK

  • angel you're a pussy

  • Welcome to the community. Also this thread is very toxic.

  • lmaooooooo

  • This post is lit as Donald Trump


  • This post is deleted!

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