Its ShadowAK.

  • Hey am shado.

    alt text

    Played since 1.2.5. My friend from school told me to play Minecraft with him. I remember playing in a LAN server with him and we made a house in the snow biome. Snow sucks. I threw away our valuables. He got mad. Sorry friend.

    Moved onto Multiplayer and played factions. Joined a server called potatoGaming. I loved it. It went down. Later joined a OPfactions server called SimplyPvP. Loved it. It went down. Later joined a server called TheLegendCraft. Loved it. It went down. Now im wandering looking for a new server for me to love just for it to go down.

    That's all folks. peace.

  • Welcome to the community.

  • Welcome 2 the Community

  • welcome o/ <3

  • Wow that's old.
    I am sure there are a bunch of other cool servers able to stay up for a long time. Good luck finding one that suits you best.

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