Jira (Yes, actually)

  • Hello!
    I am Jira ;D
    I have played on this server for about 2 months! I played on one of my accounts, that got banned by MassiveChoons.. I said "[Redacted]" I did not directly say it to anyone, I just saw it as a comment in a youtube video, and wanted to share how funny I thought it was..

    I then, (Shouldn't have) logged into Minecraft under the name "Jira" I got pretty known on the server quite quickly! But I was then too banned by MassiveChoons for "Alting a banned account".

    So otherwise, I'm doing pretty good! Made two appeals... didn't get accepted, not bad at all...

    ~Jira, your old friend ;D

    My little brother changed my username and got into some deep trouble for it, I will be returning to the name Jira, soon

  • Welcome to the community.

  • Welcome 2 da Community :)

  • welcome o/ <3

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