Where does your name come from?

  • Where does your name come from?
    My main account, Conceder, is from the word meaning 'to grant'.

    I use this name because Grant happens to be my name in real life.

    My other account is 0fc, which is a shortened way to text someone "of course", but I assume you already knew that one.

  • One time somebody said whoever has more avocados will get $1. So then I changed my name.

  • The song #SELFIE came out in 2014 and that was also when I got a minecraft gift code. I wanted to be cool so I made the name SelfiePvP.

  • This post is deleted!


  • @Emshie no regerts

  • HaleyTheShadow - wanted it to be HaleyTheShadowhunter (it's from a book) but it was too long, so I made it that
    PsychoticShadow - idk
    xHaley_ - was simple, eventually evolved into xhqley which is my username for a lot of stuff now
    xSnowDays - my friend and I had matching sweater skins so we did this (he was xSnowDayz)
    xMrHyde - we did matching usernames again, he was xDrJekyll
    xHaleyQuinn_ - spin off of Harley Quinn, he was xTheJoker_
    xSerotonin - idk
    _DanaScully - X-Files character, my friend _FoxMulder

  • Idk. I replaced the a with a q

  • My brother used 2 have this acc and he still shares it w/ me so when he picked his skin, he said "It looks like it's a Squishy Dog that was Squished 77 times" ^.^

  • Manor or Manners

  • wtf is with all these thread copies ;-;
    the ign whyme was taken so i added another word

  • My name is Tahlia and i like cats

  • i played clubpenguin in 1st grade and my best friends name was katherine, but since I was a stupid 1st grader I made my user Katharyn. Katharyn was taken so i had to do katharyn345, then I started to play MC in like 2010 and it stuck. people called me kath all the time so when the MC user change came out i just did kath ###lol????

  • im just so aesthetic !1!!11 i mean i am but i just wanted a cute username and this was the best thing i could come up with. min yoongi was born in 1993 which gave me the number portion of my username.

  • i was most likely drunk when i made my name xD

  • I have no idea, because literally NO search results come up. Even after searching ALL of my name history up.

  • Peanuts.

  • i don't know, found it on namemc and took it :>

  • Mine originated from Xbox.

    When the 360 came out, I went to my cousin's house because his mom bought him one.

    We set my IGN to one of my Halo aliases, from my preferred style of gameplay: Sniper Elite

    When I finally got my own Xbox, and started playing call of duty games online, I joined a clan 'FuF - Face your fears'

    My alias changed to FuF Elite

    The clan owners started getting mad at me, because I could kill the other team single-handledly (Even if they were on the other team)

    I then decided to just make my own clan 'WCG - World Class Gaming'

    My alias changed to WCG Elite

    ...Not much later Minecraft started getting popular and a lot of us decided to buy it - I made my ign WCG_Elite on minecraft

    That's how it was until name changes were released - I knew the exact time of release, so I changed my name to Elite

    I thought it was fitting since all my identities included Elite my entire life. xD

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