• hiya all, everyone should come join this server, it's prison, kitpvp, and skyblock.
    only kitpvp is open at the moment, come try it out?? <3
    1.8 <<<<<<<<<<<<<

  • sure xx

  • Sounds cool, might hop on tomorrow

  • ill come on in a few [:

  • Cool! ill try to get on today or tmr

  • BlockMania Administrator

    While the Forums was down, I decided to check out this server. It's fun for most parts, get called a hacker occasionally. Anything you expect from a small kit server.

    My only issue with the server is the donor kits. Even the cheapest donor rank gives you a kit that out gears 95% of the players. In other words, very Pay2Play. So if you're someone who hates being killed by a credit card, I'd recommend you don't join.

    On the bright side of things, the staff aren't retarded and won't ban someone for hacking if they're just good at PvP.

    If they equal out the kits, it should be a pretty fun server for everyone to mess around on.

    @Vuxa enjoyed playing with you.

  • @Mooshroom it won't let me upvote this :'( but <3

  • Nice server, I just don't like some of the helpers in your server.

  • @Mooshroom Theres a serious problem with unexperienced staff with NoCheatPlus, (Maybe it wasn't the case on that server idk), but whenever staff see an NCP message they immediately think that the player is a hacker. As I said this is general to smaller servers and i'm not specifically talking about this.

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