What's boring about Minecraft?

  • I believe to me what's boring about Minecraft is the games, they are not competitive enough for me to actually to bring it where I want to enjoy it. What else is boring? Playing solo, Majority of the times my friends are with other people and stuff and I'm all alone playing MC and that also takes away the fun of the game. Tell me what you think is boring about MC ;)

  • omg i agree, i hate playing minecraft alone

  • i suck at all games on minecraft, so i find it kinda boring when no one is on, because i mainly go on to talk to people xD

  • BlockMania Administrator

    Switching versions a lot, due to servers not updated their plugins.

  • YES! I don't like playing alone. I don't have anyone to back me up with all they salty people :joy:

    I guess if you played on the same server, same game, for too long. That's also boring.

  • People who make stupid topics about pointless things on minecraft forums.

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