• IntenseRaids / Custom Factions Server

    • Factions / F Top
    • Custom Plugins
    • Great Community
    • Active Staff Members
    • Custom Crates
    • Envoys / Supply crates
    • KOTH
    • Monthly Events

    IntenseRaids is one of the best Factions server, many have seen, we have a spawn built by our build team, a great active and staff that respond to a lot of questions asked, and I'm here to ask you guys to go check it out. the IP is below, and we have an active player base of 10-40, and we would love to see a lot more people joining.

  • Advert isn't allowed. Cool though.

  • Is advert allowed? Idk.

  • Advertising is not allowed? is so Ill delete it unless if I get told I don't have too.

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