Competitive Champions League ( CCL )

  • What is the Competitive Champions League ( CCL )

    The CCL is a game mode on Mineplex ( Champions ) which players are in a league and play it more competitively than the public servers. The CCL is not run by Mineplex Staff members but the MCL ( Mineplex Competitively League ) , again not run by any of the Admins of Mineplex or not associated with it. Staff members do play in the MCL and CCL though.

    The CCL is based of the game Dominate on the Mineplex Network and are played in a Mineplex player Server ( MPS ) so you can manage who comes into the game and who doesn't.

    The MCL has 3 categories
    CCL - Champions Competitive League
    MSCL- Minestrike Competitive League
    BCL - Bridges Competitive league

    The League

    The league has 5 tiers. Tier 1 being the best Tier 5 being for newer teams. As your team gets better you would move through the tiers. There are seasons ; at the end of each season there are playoffs with the top 8 teams to see who is the best team in the league. This is streamed on the MCL Twitch and on MCL referees YT accounts. There banned players in the league and have been Blacklisted from participating in the league as a result. The League has a Discord server for the leaders of each team to organize scrimmages and set up required games

    What is Dominate

    Dominate is a 5v5 game mode where there are 5 capture points and the team that gets to 15,000 points first wins. A capture point gives you 4 points per second so if you have all 5 that is 20 per second. There are three Emeralds which are near capture points and they give your team 300 points. They respawn every minute. They are vital if you want to win a game that is close as they can give you a maximum of 900 points and you can break away and win.

    Other knowledge

    It does take good understanding of the game to know how to beat teams in the CCL and that comes with experience of the game mode. So you would need to play for a while or join a team that is already founded to get knowledge of how to play. The league has very good players in it and is run by people who dedicate their time to it.

    *** //***
    I am not promoting the server just the MCL and getting people to have fun but competitively at the same time

    - Link for the league - -

    CCL YT Channels

    The CCL is really amazing and would be even better if it had more players which bring something unique to it as well.
    Again not promoting Mineplex just trying to get more people to join the MCL

  • Ooooh, this sounds fun!
    Time to assemble a team.

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  • The entire topic is not necessary.

  • Welp Rip MCL in mineplex

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  • I used to play dominate, but the update killed it imo.
    Good luck with your team though

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    The entire topic is not necessary.

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