can't login to mc

  • shiz i dont know really what to do but, ive searched everything to help me with my issue.
    its that i cant login to my mc acc. ive tried to wait 24 hours and every 30 mins. i sign in with email as user and use my pass correctly and carefully. i just dont know anymore
    anyone have some advice?

  • someone seemed to hack my acc too!
    I went on my email and find a mail from mojang that some guy changed my pass.
    I immediately changed my pass and account mail and security questions and it's all good now.
    try that!

  • If you can, reset your password. If this doesn't work you'll have to contact Mojang with a TID (Transaction ID) as a proof of purchase. If you do not have this, I'm afraid you cant get your account back.

  • First, send a message to Mojang telling them your problem in more detail. Second, this post might be taken more seriously and you would've gotten more answers if you posted in one of the help and support sections on the forum.

  • Change your password?

  • This had happened to aroma SEVERAL of times, first i recommend changing your password as your password glitches out sometimes (i change my password and my account gets fixed), if you dont receive a password reset email, contact mojang regarding this and provide them with your transaction id. Hope that helps! :p

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