Cover Pic Glitch FIX!

  • Credit To:cinnabxn

    all you have to do is clear your search history (if you wanna :P )

  • oh give upvotes!...but if you don't wanna you don't have to :P

  • What does this mean xD.

  • Oo does it really work?

  • @TooMuchQuack there you go, getting upvotes is hard

  • Yes it does work i did it myself you don't have to do it sometimes updates by its self :P

  • Just tried it, I don't think it worked o_o

  • @Clqire :( that sucks btw i'll send you proof that i cleared my history :P

  • @TooMuchQuack Nvm it did work. Thanks dude

  • @clqire yw :D always happy to help others!

  • What is the cover pic .-.

  • @TheTrueAvocado Your profile picture

  • BlockMania Administrator

    You do not need to clear your whole search history, just your browser's cache.

    In some cases clearing your browser history will not clear your cache. So just clear your cache.


  • Owner

    Ctrl+Shift+R in Chrome

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