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    NameMC Community Guidelines:


    These rules apply to the entirety of these forums. Breaking these rules may result your posts being deleted/edited and/or your account being temporarily or permanently suspended from the community site.

    1. Personal Information.

    Posting personal information about another user is strictly prohibited and tightly moderated.

    If you’re worried that someone else is posting your personal information on the forums and the content is not being moderated, contact a staff member.

    2. Threats.

    No threats against the server, forums, or our staff.

    Any threats (even vague ones or jokes) are taken very seriously. This includes but is not limited to: DDOS threats/conversation, “Dox” threats, death threats, etc.

    3. No suicide jokes.

    No threats or jokes related to suicide.

    4. No racial slurs.

    Self-explanatory. Google "define racial slur" if you aren't sure what this means.

    5. Inappropriate usernames.

    The NameMC Community Forums use a special type of registration system that requires you to use a real Minecraft IGN that you own as your username.
    As such, some names may be deemed inappropriate for the forums. If your name contains any words or language that’s banned or restricted by any of the other rules listed here, then your name is considered inappropriate for the forums and we will ask you to use a different name.

    6. Account buying/selling/trading/sniping.

    We understand that trading of Minecraft accounts has become a considerable part of certain Minecraft communities, however, it is against Mojang’s Terms of Service and we cannot condone it.
    Any threads/posts about buying/selling/trading/sniping Minecraft accounts, capes, etc. are not allowed on the forums and will be removed.

    7. Forum Spam/Reputation Abuse.

    Since apparently this isn't obvious enough I'll reiterate in more detail:

    The reputation and anti-spam systems are in place for a reason. Do not make posts for the purpose of bypassing the spam system or abusing the reputation system.

    Users violating this rule may have their reputation cleared, be temp-banned, or even perm banned depending on the situation.

    This means: no "rep for rep" posts, no upvoting posts on your own alts (we can easily check), and no posts directly asking for upvotes or offering upvotes for no reason.

    If you want reputation, make meaningful or fun posts, or better yet, help people with support questions if you know the answers.
    I'm going to make it so users that self-regulate and support the forums by helping others will be rewarded much more than people that spam the off-topic posts or cheat to get reputation points.

    [Note: These rules are a work in progress, we reserve the right to restrict anyone's usage of the forums if we believe they're having a negative impact on the community. This page will be updated often.]

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