Hello, I'm Divine ^-^

  • Hi, I'm Divine.

    I started playing Minecraft when I was twelve years old. So it began with me first playing on IOS when you first couldn't save your game and there weren't any mobs. Also throughout my first time playing Minecraft I was scared and spawned on an island so I built walls around it because I was afraid monsters would come and kill me. :cry: I was pretty paranoid on my first game since I wasn't aware the app at the time didn't have any mobs and it was my first time playing. :disappointed_relieved:

    So from there I decided to purchase Minecraft for my PC which I did on my birthday. :smile: Which was on the day I turned thirteen.
    alt text

    I've come a long way when it comes to playing Minecraft. However, I didn't start as earlier as others did.
    I now currently play on the Hivemc and on my own little survival server which you should all check out sometime. :wink:

    Well other than Minecraft I love to sometimes watch anime or read things such as manga and webtoons. However, I also read books because I find reading quite enjoyable at times.

    I also love coding which at the moment I'm studying Java. In addition to that, I'm more of a web development person when it comes to coding. Well looking forward to seeing some of you around. :exclamation:

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  • hi divine !

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  • Heyyyyy Divine, welcome c:
    And ty for showing me webtoons <3

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    Welcome to the NameMC Community Forums!

    Going from iOS to PC for Minecraft must have been quite a large jump. I remember my first time playing single player, I was paranoid of anything and everything, I jumped up a small mountain and dug a hole in the side. Of course, knowing me, I decided to go out in the night and get killed by 2 zombies. I remember that clearly. It didn't take long for me to pick up all of the basics and get going thankfully. I never built walls around anything, or use fences much. Then again, this is going back years ago.

    Happy belated birthday! I hope to see you around.

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  • thanks a lot everyone!! :D

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